1. Registration

The first step is registering, so click below to get things started.
This registration is simple despite the complex instructions.

Use the following as a reference as you go through the process:

Begin by completing and submitting the user application form. It’s a very simple form requiring some of your personal details. Keep track of your “challenge phrase answer” as it will be needed to request a new password for your login.
Note: For EIN, use your Social Security Number or ITIN
Once you complte the user and login information form, you will get an email confirming your User ID as well as PDF instructions on how to activate the account.
Follow the instructions to generate a new password. There are some password requirements to ensure it’s not too simple, so read the instructions carefully.
Once you login, read the instructions to obtain your PIN. You will need this PIN to electronically sign the form.

2. Filing with the BSA E-Filing System

Login to your BSA E-Filing account.
In the left you will see a link, Next Steps for using BSA E-Filing. Read the instructions.
  • Under Step 4: Submit your File, there is a user manual link. The manual can be saved to your computer so you can review it while inputting your data.
  • The Computer Training link is also useful as it goes through the process with a sample form.
On the left you will see File FBAR. Click the link and follow the instructions in the manual. You’ll see it’s similar to the paper form; the main difference will be the use of a PIN to sign instead of a signature.
When you begin the form, you will see the Sign with PIN function on the first page, but skip that until you finish entering the information on the page.
Fill the form as you would the original paper form.
Save the form before you submit. Once you have signed and validated the form, use the Save button to save a copy of the form. This is very important if something goes wrong during the submission process to ensure you can resubmit the saved form without re-inputting all your data.
Click the Submit button. You will see a submission confirmation (Successful or Error) message and you will receive an email afterward confirming your submission.
Provide a copy to your tax return preparer if applicable, as much of the same information is needed for other forms (8938, 8891, etc.). You may also track the submitted form via the Track Status option on the left side menu of your BSA E-Filing dashboard.

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