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IRS - Foreign Earned Income Exclusion
IRS - Filing Requirements
IRS - Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)
IRS - Filing Status if Married to a Non-Resident Alien
IRS - Introduction to the International Taxpayers Webpage
IRS - Foreign Tax Credit

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  • #IRS encourages you to #BeTaxReady for filing season – Start by learning how the new tax law changes affect you.… 13 minutes ago
  • An incorrect TIN or a missing one may subject you to backup withholding. This #IRS tip can help you #BeTaxReady: 42 minutes ago
  • Tax law changes to depreciation affect farmers & their bottom line. More on this & other #TaxReform updates from… 1 hour ago
  • Scammers often use names similar to legitimate charities to trick people to send money or provide personal informat… 2 hours ago
  • Big changes are coming on 2019: Get up-to-date on #IRS limitations for pension plans & other retirement-related ite… 2 hours ago

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  • #TaxPros: Visit the Nationwide Tax Forums Online to view “Get Ready for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act New Due Diligence… 18 hours ago
  • #TaxPros: All #IRS PTINs expire on Dec. 31. Renew your PTIN today 19 hours ago
  • Time is running out for your clients. Some may owe an unexpected tax bill when they file their 2018 tax returns nex… 20 hours ago
  • #TaxPros: Do you still need to file a 2017 tax return for your client? The E-file deadline for 2017 is Nov. 17. 21 hours ago
  • #TaxPros: Enrolled Agent renewal season has begun. EAs whose SSNs end in 1, 2, or 3 must renew by Jan. 31, 2019. Go… 21 hours ago

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Tax Trails Interactive is a tool that can help you find answers to tax questions on general filing information, tax credits and other tax topics.


The ITA tool is a tax law resource that takes you through a series of questions and provides you with responses to tax law questions.

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